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Author incluye
Tags author:incluye chase ctrdda dda incomplete rated rockets
Created 2008-01-29
Last Modified 2008-02-11
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description 1. The propulsion is trapdoor - trapdoor - bounceblock - bounceblock. Should I continue it or not? If I continue it, it'll be sort of cool. If not, the level will not become extremely laggy.
2. Is it a good concept?
3. Rate on how you think it is so far. (notice the large INCOMPLETE in the title)

My seventh DDA.

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i feels complete

to me 5/5


you mean person. I think.

Hot Damn

I like how the leading rocket swithes with the tail rocket at one point.

And to the people who think that DDAs are done too much now, just compare them to action maps, they take an extreme amount of time and patience, and have a very pleasing outcome to the author when completed.
Try making your own DDA, then you will have more respect for them.

Awesome DDA :)


50th kradda ive seen

But still the best. Including my own. Great job
1) yes
2) yes
3 0

Just kidding... 5.

Keep up everything you're doing, it's perfect.

I can tell you I haven't heard the idea from that site for two months, as Metanet Forums are blocked on my computer. Thanks for the input, and for the leveldata. That'll help. A lot.

man, this is one mighty fine dda.I don't care about propulsion, but the close calls alone deserve a ten.

the path is good until the ninja hits the tile with the rocket on it. from that point curve it around and go between the two rocket launchers.

the mines show a path. it's understandable if this path is unrealistic but either fill up the empty space or make it longer. 5/5 from me for now.

Demo Data


is just a nub

Oh. My. God.

"50th KRADDA I've seen."

Ooh, ooh, let's all rate z33ro down because his DDAs are the two hundredth ones we've seen! And then let's rate down Clifty because he makes KRADDAs! And then let's rate down Skyline because he makes action maps and we've seen action maps before!

And, umm, by the way, did you not care, or are you simply far too dim to notice that this was a rocket - ninja - rocket KRADDA? Guess how many of /these/ have been made before.

omg z33ro

your standards are way too high, either leave NUMA or lower your standards


50th kradda ive seen


this is so much cooler than On Route 666.

its great and all

but not better than On Route 666


but you should replace the rocket so you can see it over the bounce blocks.


Respect for you :D

Like my legs.....
Venus Power!
Like my legs.....
Venus Power!

Holy Shit

Thats freakin awesome. Close calls like every second. I soo can't wait til this is finished. Top rated for a looonng time.


Yeah man.

It looks great so far.