Cutting Up Letters

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Author peace_bear0
Tags author:peace_bear0 dda kradda nonplayable rated
Created 2008-01-30
Last Modified 2008-02-11
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Okay, this is my first KRADDA (Keep the Rocket Alive, Don't Do Anything). It's only 498 frames, but it took me a few hours. I tried to get as many rocket close-calls in as possible, but I kinda failed on that, but that means that there aren't very many ninja close-calls. Sorry. And also, I have to launchpads.. I hated using them, but I tried for about an hour to slow N down another way, and I failed miserably. If anyone wants to help, I'd be grateful.

Also, a better title is in need (again).

If you have a small thing you don't like about this map, please hold off on the harsh ratings, tell me about it, and I'll try to fix it. I don't like working on a map for more than a day, and today was kind of rushed, so it isn't that great. Along with the fact that KRADDAs take so much time: twice as much stuff to try to make close-calls with.

edit:I made some mroe rocket close-calls

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except that I use names. But DDA's like these arent usually as interesting or as long because of the tiles. Btw, Peacebear, your action map DED awaits under my recent maps. Ill provide a link to a newer map soon. I NEED you to RCE it ASAP.

One question...

Why did two people rate it a 3.5, yet it is rated a two?



no homo.


no homo.


obviously your gonna get punished for length, but it's a solid start 3.5/5