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Author incluye
Tags author:incluye lamezorlad mines puzzle rated santa square tilted
Created 2008-01-31
Last Modified 2008-01-31
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description Tilted mine jumper.

Marginally edited tileset by lamezorlad, "Ninja Santa," can be found at

750 frames on Chase. Coming along.


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Very fun. I like what you did with the launchpads.


3rd try

This one's nice.
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I'll see if I can edit that part a bit to make it easier.


a very well made map.
A couple of the mines upset me though.
loved the top mine section.

A reasonably neat looking level spoilt by some unnecassary OP. 3.5


I generally like my mine jumpers a little easier than this, but this is nicely challenging without being annoyingly difficult. But I agree with icewalker. We know that that's why you put in the one-way, but why not tweak it so that that's not necessary?

Still, nice map. 4/5.
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hard for me :)
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To make sure you get the teleporter right. Otherwise, you croak.

Not bad

Pretty good mine jumper, I found it a little easy, but I recently switched back to 0 after playing Overclock 10 for a long while. The first teleporter screws up if you aren't inside the 1-way, got a little annoying.