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Author BuddyLee
Tags 100th action author:buddylee bitesized featured playable puzzle race rated
Created 2008-02-02
Last Modified 2008-02-02
by 59 people.
Map Data

Description Well here it is, my 100th map. It's been 2 years, 2 months, and -2 days since I submitted my first.

Special thanks to:
...and anyone else who has offered advice.

You have to be very quick to beat this map. Good luck!

This map was featured on 2013-01-21

Opus is an unsymmetrical race in which you must collect door keys faster than the your competitor, the laser, can climb the central tower. It may seem unfair that you will be faced with the distraction of collecting gold as you do this, but in reality this injustice is balanced out by your ability to distract the laser into attempting to zap you. — lord_day

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Demo Data


Demo Data


one frame slower than mam haha
Demo Data

speed run

clever map etc
Demo Data
thank god for the gaps between the 5 tiles for the laser to shoot out of :P
Demo Data

great feature

thanks for pointing this one out

love this map, thanks ld

holy shit this is hard.


great map, obviously
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good job lord day, this map owns


this was just featured

BuddyLee!!! He deserve more as well. Cool lordy!

what the heck?

how did you do this funky shit?


Dang that's funky, what did you do?

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Fastest AGD

Outstanding. Addictive.
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Flawless man

5aved. Amazing.

Slow completion

Nice use of the drone. 4.5
Demo Data

Nice map

Attached an average/slow-speed demo. Excellent concept and implementation of the map! 5/5.
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happy 100th

great map ! :)

here's a ded for you...


I did it!!!
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I did it!!!
Demo Data

Demo as promised.

Love the map.
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much love buddylee.

i love your maps. i love the style of this map.

4.5 <3 thanks for putting me in the dedication. <3

Speed Completion

Demo Data
The only tihng that lets it down (for me) is that it's quite hard...

I prefer easier race maps, but hey, it's still one of a kind!


agd is hard

thats why this ones a completion
cool stuff
@notkitt: i bet this 1 tile at the bottem exists that the lasere stays at the bottom...
Demo Data
show a 1 tile at the bottom


And you can make drones stationary if you change the last parameter to NaN.

It is complicated

But long explanation short: there is a modified trapdoor that acts as a locked door from certain angles when the square above it is blank. Hard to explain without a picture, but yeah.

I have a question

How do you mae the laser drone stop at the end? Shouldn't he just come back up? Also on many maps ive noticed that drones are completely stationary without the use of doors? How is that possible? Thanx for answering

This map

kind of reminds me of this one:

congrats man

I like dis map too. 4.5 for ingenuity

Faster AGD

Thanks a lot everyone!
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1 1/2 thumbs up

(i dont know how to do that without surgury)




Fucking yes.

poor completion

fun level. very fun. kind of fun you only get with 100 maps ;D 4.5/5
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