The Urban Spaceman

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Author radioactive_gerbil
Tags author:radioactive_gerbil flow-ish playable race series unrated
Created 2008-02-06
Last Modified 2008-02-07
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Map Data

Description Now I have returned to Numa, I have made this race map, only my second best one.
Number 3 in Need for Madness series
Number 2:
Number 1:
I know the bit at the far side looks iffy and ruins the flow, but dont rate it bad because of it, and if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, I will accept them and maybe alter the map sometime.
Lets see some fast DEMOS please!

1. less gold
2. mines at bottom right deleted and tiles changed

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i love this map, mostly because i could make it all the way lol
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@ player_03

there are different versions of the same level, on one game version its called 'The Urban Spaceman', and on the other it's called 'Grapefruit Power', funnily enough the name of another of my maps.
...unless they've been adding new ones, which I doubt.
The gold placement was quite bad.

Badly placed gold

way too much of it


here is real
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123. fastest

Demo Data

Faster demo

I hated the part when we had to bounce back and dodge the mines... 3.5/5
Demo Data

Demo included

even if this is an easy race. lol
Demo Data