Confusion in an Illusion

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Author radioactive_gerbil
Tags author:radioactive_gerbil dda propulsion rocket series unrated
Created 2008-02-09
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Description My first ever DDA is also number 6 in the Need for Madness series.
Number 5:
Number 4:
Number 3: (not the best)
Number 2:
Number 1:
I would like tips and comments, because it is only my first DDA and I dont know what people would think of it. It does use trapdoor propulsion though.
RCE and tips please :)

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@ peace_bear

no, your not rambling, but they are some valid points, I will try to take those into account!

Try not to:

use so many launchpads
have trapdoor lines
use gold delay
block enemies

Otherwise, pretty nice for your first.
You might also want to use more enemies. And no, the laser drones don't count because they are only activated one. But don't think that I'm much better than you.. Only my latest dda has a reasonable amount of enemies/close calls.
I'm rambling, aren't I?
here it is
Demo Data

cheated demo

the lasers should be activated earlier. 3.5.
Demo Data