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Author Lex_Leach
Tags art author:lex_leach daggafork logo n n-art nart rated
Created 2008-02-09
Last Modified 2008-02-09
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description This is dedicated to everyone at numa for commenting and criticising my maps do I could be a better map maker.

I would also like to give credit to Daggafork for the idea:

This is also my first n-art, so please be nice

Also check out my other maps. Thnx! :P

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my comment below was quite rude.
i appologize.

:] bad mood maybe


very pretty

Sad.. Just sad..

Completely copied my gradiant style. And did not do right...

gradient is dodgy

shadow dosnt fit it and overall - IVE SEEN THIS TOO MANY F**KING TIMES

NR - overdone and not the best of the ones that are around

It's okay

but unoriginal. The N looks too skinny, though. However, it is nice for a first.

It's too wide

and it's a cheap imitation



this isnt totally original.
i shoulda read the description and other maps first.


the gradient was cool enough...but then the just brought it all together