That's a solid wall!

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Author peace_bear0
Tags author:peace_bear0 bounceblock-teleporter dda experimental innovative teleporter test unrated
Created 2008-02-10
Last Modified 2008-02-10
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Description Okay, this was going to become the beginning to my tower loop, but I found something. I made N go through solid wall. There isn't a hidden springboard teleporter thing. The only objects are ten bounceblocks, a ninja, and the door. At maximum, he goes though 1.5 spaces of /solid/ wall! So it is, technically, a new type of teleporter. If it's not new, just tell me and I'll delete this.

edit: credit to player_03 for the starter!

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it is possible to teleport. But, have you ever seen a teleporter using bounceblocks? no.


There are only so many frames per second N runs at, as it caps it. Thus, every frame he basically "teleports" to his next destination, but M&R put in some cool programming mojo-jojo to counteract that, so he couldn't teleport through stuff.

However, they only put so much effort into it, as in the main game you never go anywhere close to that fast, so warping forward like that wasn't really a concern. The result is teleporters exist, and "speed ghosting" like this.


is so exciting about that? And how does it relate to this map at all?
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Uhh what's getting old?

getting old
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but I don't really like that. And to PsychoSnail, it's both. But thanks for giving me that one...
Or is it the propulsion by bounceblocks thing?
If it's going through solid walls, then it's not the first:

hard to continue

but just add a left or right facing launchpad.
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How is the ninja going to turn?
and monkeyfish, if you care to post the url of the map that did so, do tell

That is cool.

Will you be able to continue it?