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Author Lucidium
Tags action author:lucidium bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2005-08-05
by 107 people.
Map Data

Description I started off making this just because I thought it would look cool, but it actually turned out to be pretty fun. It can be quite hard, but if you keep your eye on the lasers you can really fly through.

Thanks to the guys on the forum and in #n for feedback.

This map was featured on 2008-12-28

Compartment‘s a map that’s been with the community for a very long time, yet is often taken for granted by even the newest members. For a map’s concept to influence those who have never even seen the original map is a staggering feat, and one which deserves to be recognised.

The laser-box concept has weaved its way into practically everyone’s profile at some time but rarely do we actually take credit for the original and probably best map at pulling this off. So let’s pay homage to one of our secret inspirations, and say thanks to Lucidium’s original little gem.

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first completion / AGD
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I like how you can consider user-made video game maps unproffesional. Last time I checked you couldn't get a job making N maps.
is unporfessional too


The switch tactic to "stun" lasers is very inprofesional :)

Not bad. But I didn't enjoy it so much.

Fun map

And here's a faster AGD.
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This was my first faved map yesterday. XD
Love it becaue I love lasers.


imo sounds very professional imo


imo imo

imo imo imo imo
that actually deserved the feature imo. 5aved.


Another strength of the challenge is the predictability of the lasers, which adds a nice puzzle element to those not entering a highscore war.


how exciting.
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Just wait, it'll come. :P


None of the comments made yet are constructive at all :P Then again, I think Ive said most of it already :P

man thats hard

great map! congratz on making a featured map as well!

5/5 for sure!

good pick.

very good pick. everyone should at least know this map.

Nice pick.

Truly a charm.

Lucidium = BEST

Friggin' 5 out of friggin' 5
This map seems so under appreciated, despite the amount of ratings. Such a lack of comments. 5, AGD.
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Cool concept.



Simplicity beats any complex gimmicks thrown at it any day of the week. Perfect difficulty balance, complete highscoring freedom and clean-cut aesthetics make this one of my faves.


*kicks clux in the balls*
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Stupid laggy computer. sorry :(


forgot the demo -_-
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NEEEAT! 5/5aved!

Nice map!

This one has a very visual appeal to it, it looks almost like some sort of modern art... nice and challenging too!
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good idea

but not thhe map i prefer...hate thinking
no rating


that was a sweet demo clux. 4.5 great level.


cool map
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great map

simple and challenging map. a little bit on the easy side, but all the time worthwhile. looks good too. 5/5. slow all gold demo
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And a really slow no gold demo
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love this level
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Laser Grid was most likely based on this.


does this remind me of MarijnEnAndries' map "Laser grid"? Exactly the same style... (I liked that one way better)


One of my favorites-well thought out and fun.


why your map is just fabulous fabulous

Holy hell

That was amazing, clux.