The Mad Party

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Author radioactive_gerbil
Tags action author:radioactive_gerbil pinball-type playable puzzle series unrated
Created 2008-02-10
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description A pinball-type puzzle map which is also number 7 in the Need for Madness series. This time I cant be bothered finding the URLs for all my other series maps, so just use the tags!
Beware, this may lead to frustration, but it is addicting at the same time, and tricky! This requires patience and control!
Demos, RCE :)

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thats ok then

It says


Yeah i saw that

also i meant that my demo is long and boring not the level. the level was very fun.
if you get into where the exit is, the trapdoor switches will do something cool!


and so another warning, it will be long and boring if you are a novice or amateur (not to say those of you are rubbish or anything! :) )

Long and boring

but AGD and completion. Very nice level. Got it in my 2nd try. First time guass killed me. Unfortunate!
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