House Series: The Staircase

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Author Sendy
Tags author:sendy playable rated survival
Created 2005-08-05
Last Modified 2005-08-05
by 9 people.
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Description EDIT: This will be part of a minimalistic and stylized series of simple challenges set inside a house.

The ninja which is known as N was at home and decided to go to bed after a long day of expanding his lifespan by looting gold. However, when he gets to the landing he sees that his arch enemy, P (the pirate) has been up to his usual tricks by putting mines ALL THE WAY UP THE STAIRCASE! In fact, every single step had a smug looking mine hovering slightly above it, in the way that mines do when you don't place them into a tile.

Help N get to the door to his bedroom so he can get some shuteye.

Please try not to mark me down for simplicity, I think this is a neat idea.

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If you read this

you probably read this.
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The record time

has been smashed.
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i beat your record time nev.

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Record time.
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Hee hee

I broke the lanturn...Good map, Sendy. Simple, yet challenging. Coolio. 4/5!


I had a nice start, but died
4.5/5 and in favourites. Another amazingly hard and fun map by Sendy :)
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Too hard... Too cool... 4 for style.

Here we go

Can anyone beat my time? :)
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Are lanterns, like how you have a light in the hall and landing near stairs. Wanted to make it look vaguely like a house. Let's see if I can do a demo...


Hard. Very, very hard. As in, so hard it's... just.... hard....

... yeah. My vocabulary is good!

Anyway, yes, I likes this very much.

What's with the one- ways and the bounce blocks, by the way?