Metal Petal Mettle

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Author Sendy
Tags author:sendy playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-08-05
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Oh boy. I love this... It's a mine/puzzle jumper. I think I got the difficulty just right. It gets easier towards the end, too.

Tileset was made by Hydron.

I saw it and thought right... Mine jumper! *evil face*

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Oh mother of all that is holy, I never expcted to see an all-gold on this map. All the commendations to you, Arcangelo. Jesus. That is dedication right there.
Hello. My nickname is Arcangelo and i'm here tonight to show you the most beautiful demo ever seen. But first i'd like to tell you some interesting facts.

Fact number ONE: 12953 was the number of deaths caused by mines when i started the level. Now... the number of deaths caused by mines says "14142". Do your maths kids.

Fact number TWO: I was able to "complete" this level THREE times, getting all gold and i died with the last mine. THREE TIMES, NOT TWO, NOT ONE, NOT FOUR, THREE TIMES.

Sendy, i would like to congratulate you because this has been one of the greatest maps i've ever played, so, having a demo, an ALL GOLD DEMO, was extremely awesome for me.

Hydron, man... that's what i call a NICE TILESET. Usually i don't give a FUCK about tilesets. I pay more attention to how the level flows. But this time, i couldn't pass it by.

That's all i have to say. Enjoy the demo.


PS: WoW... 7 thousand frames... i think it's the longest i've done.

Right now i feel like i'm the king of the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD.
Demo Data

Nice map!

Enjoyable, challenging. But a little bit too long. Here's a partial demo.
Demo Data


your math is fine

By my calculations

The other 2 votes must have been about 2. Though I do suck at maths so that might be wrong.

Oh and

Thanks a lot guys for the praise. Spent a while putting those mines down :)

5/5 + 5/5 + 4.5/5

And it gets a 4. Proof that the lower raters are always dirtbags with no words to back their negative opinions up (it's not just on my maps as we all know).

I love it!

Thanks a million for making such a great map from my tileset. 5/5!


This is the best mine jumper I have ever seen. 5/5 and faved!


Amazing. Amazingly Hard. Amazingly Set Out. Amazingly Good-Looking. Amazingly a 4.5.