The Deadly Daisy

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Author peace_bear0
Tags author:peace_bear0 dda storage unrated
Created 2008-02-11
Last Modified 2008-03-10
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Map Data

Description Storage

Rate/comment how you like it so far.
Based off of pepi321's tileset:
N-joy it so far.

NOTE: might want to press one.

Life247 continued this here:

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on phrisms add the tags rockets and chasers and the stuff in quotes:

"Life247 wanted me to add:

(number of) frames, 21 chasers, 4 rockets. all trapdoor propulsion, no launchpads or gold delay."

Looking good so far

Now finish it!

Demo Data

i know

make a trap door in front of the laser drone

i know its old but you won't die anymore xD

Oh darn

did I not say storage enough? I thought once in the tags and the first thing in the description would be enough. And I forgot, you might have to press one
It's storage.
I like how there's no launchpads so far, but there weren't many good close calls.


it doesnt work