weekend wars

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Author GreenEggsAndHam
Tags action author:greeneggsandham featured playable unrated
Created 2008-02-11
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This map was featured on 2018-11-04


The perfect combination of elements which complement and complete each other in a brilliant and balanced harmony. Often we have tried to synthesize this gem through faulty and futile means, but our labor results in unpolished stones. True beauty is not something created, but something found: a diamond in a rough world. Composition is that which is most sought-out and that which is least appreciated. It is impossible to ignore that faint flicker of creation. I have sought composition, and I have found it.

Anyway, here's weekend wars. — Aidiera

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Right now. The fractures in my right hand have yet to fully heal :(
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The 6+2 tile little cover up there kept bugging me in my run and I kept having to jump off of the left side wall to get above the BB to grab the key. But I love the way you managed to avoid it
Did you mean that my wall-jump gave a better angle? I think you phrased it ambiguously, so I'm no 100% sure what you meant.

I was trying

To find a way to optimize the way to get the second lock key without having to use the wall to jump. Good stuff ska.

Time for me to shave off 14 frames at least

105.300 / 988 f

Thanks to the pathfinding by jasdanu, I was able to bring this to sub-1000 (as we predicted it could be).

Also, this is an excellent map.
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I like the left side, but not a hugo fan of the right hand side.
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But sub-1000 is most definitely possible
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I was pleasantly

Happy seeing this get a feature. Been in my favs for a good amount of time.

Great Map


A review! Well done!
Sub-1000 should be possible, imo.
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The left half is amazing! Especially when the rocket comes through that little gap, such a nice touch.
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I don't know how you pull off all this organization anymore.. you just get better and better.. :)
it's almost enough to make me want to make a map right now... but meh. :D

what? Oh no he did-ant!

favorited, I'll play it soonish... :D <3