Breaking into the Bank (FIXED!)

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Author CJB
Tags action author:cjb fun helicopter-looking unrated
Created 2008-02-12
Last Modified 2008-08-07
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Description Breaking into the bank is a fun level where you are assigned to steal as much gold as you possibaly can from the bank and get bach in the helicopter before you get KILLED by the guards!!!


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I fixed the map and made it better!!!
It also doesn't have any lag!


Bad map seriously I should never turn my lappy to high setting to play n and the thump never moves it just stays there. Good idea but bad implementation.

Can anyone rate my maps I'm new and I need help or suggestions!
Demo Data

absolutely not.

sukz...and way 2 much lag. DONT SPAM STUFF


Its WAY to easy
BUT IT DOESN'T WORK!!! The Thwump never moves out of the way to let the ninja out.