Contrary to Popular Believe

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Author radioactive_gerbil
Tags action author:radioactive_gerbil challenge drones gausses medium playable series unrated
Created 2008-02-12
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Description The same title, just a different map (the previous deleted due to cheatability)
The eighth and final map in my Need for Madness series! I will miss it dearly! ;(
Well what can I say, it has been a darn pain in the arse to get these maps together, but now that its done, I hope you enjoy them all!
Glad to see a fair amount of attention for some of my maps, not all of them, which is why I will say please give my maps some sensible attention! For those of you that did, thanks a bunch!
Fairly simple idea, tell me if the AGD is a challenge!
So lets see some good demos, RCE as always! :)

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so the agd is easy then, k


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