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Author radioactive_gerbil
Tags author:radioactive_gerbil incomplete k.t.e mines n-art nonplayable unrated
Created 2008-02-14
Map Data

Description Youve all waited for it, youve all nagged me to make it, and here it is!
Its Knuckles the Echidna, Ive managed to draw the outline and colour his muzzle. Hope its looking good so far (ratings disabled for safety, as it is incomplete!)
Enjoy so far! :)

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ty cossack
as youve done here - make the steps leading up to the end with disabled ratings. just a bit of friendly advice

another foreword:

all steps not including step1 have been removed because of the idiots giving poor ratings


I am not going to submit anything until the art is fully complete. Some stupid idiot has put the ratings down on one of my sonic n-arts even if it was incomplete. So because of this, you will have to wait until e art is fully done.
Sorry :(

Looking Nice...

Knuckles is coming along well. I will keep my eyes peeled for updates.
with any additional info - keeps it on the from for everyone to see. also i would suggest not overdoing the sonic theme after this one. finish this one tho. dosnt look as good as sonic imo but still. :P

If you want to see

Sonic (in Red),