Shade testing I

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Author peace_bear0
Tags author:peace_bear0 color n-art nart shading unrated
Created 2008-02-15
Last Modified 2008-03-13
Map Data

Description Okay, I'm basically testing what each of these different things does.

I think I found a new color: floor guards have a little blueish purple around them. So if you put them one pixel next to each other, going from right to left, it makes a neat color. I don't know if anyone else has tried this. Other than that, this is pretty much normal. Sort of.

by the way, all of these, save the ones with the gauss, are one pixel apart. I used mousekeys (otherwise, it would take forever).

Edit: Here's mousekeys (thanks Hendor)

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Haha! 3D shapes in N!

I liked the floorgurds thing. I see that first time



pretty map

of N-Art.

very useful...

hmm 5/5aved
faved since i cant 5 it. ^_^


with the orange mines.



That looks awesome

I like it in fullscreen, the diagonal launchpads look really 3d, and the bounceblocks look awesome.

Il save this for future use :P

it isn't /that/ tedious. you just have to hit 4 then 5 over and over and over.
kinda tedious to make though...

thanks. faved