My first DDA!!

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Author toshosoft
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Created 2005-08-06
by 11 people.
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Description See this? This is my first DDA!! And guess what! It uses door and jump-pad propulsion, and of course a little gold delay XD. I know it`s kinda n00bish of me to use only that, but it seems that it`s the easiest to use. (Besides I don`t know how to make backward-moving thwumps :/)
Anywho, this is a not-so-long-fast-paced DDA, and by that I mean that the ninja goes so fast at times that it misses the jump-pads. There are some really close calls, so don`t you dare blink! And I cheat death (EXACTLY 25 frames before the end) so you should play it in debug mode :) .
And as I said before, this is my _FIRST_ DDA so don`t be that harsh XD. Watch, rate, comment, and last but not least, HAVE FUN DAMMIT! XD

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some of it was cool but not bad 3/5


PM me on the MetaNet boards if you'd like a quick tutorial for backwards thwumps.


Too cluttered, but the tileset was awesome :) Not too bad execution either.


I wanted to make the end a bit more dynamic. Do you think it would have looked better with 2 jump-pads? :)
At the end you got too jumppad-happy, but most of it is good for your first try.