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Author da_man894
Tags action author:da_man894 flow fun now playable race rated right
Created 2008-02-19
by 8 people.
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Description I decided to make a more interesting map. enjoy!!!

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Fun, good job.

Too much gold

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Not bad, but the flow isn't good enough to make the race worth it. I don't like the mines, either - normally in a race, the idea is to throw caution to the wind and zoom through the level as quickly as possible. I had to stop several times in my demo and carefully make a jump - not what I want in a race.
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It's pretty fun. The gold is over the top, the second jumppad and subsequent gold-delay doors are awkward, and a few other objects are unnecessary (ex: the gausses on the top left), but it was still fun and long. 3.5.
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too much load time, gold was unneeded, and some parts, the flow was awkward
And there's too much gold. 3/5.

Not great. At all. 3/5
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