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Author miyoser
Tags action author:miyoser bitesized featured mcg playable puzzle puzzle-action rated
Created 2008-02-23
Last Modified 2008-03-02
by 30 people.
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Description From MCG:

A really nice map, in my opinion. Have a couple goes before watching demos.

Also a ded to DaggaFork, because I didn't at all forget about his AGD on Seaside Metropolis ( ).

This map was featured on 2009-08-16

Some maps are big. Some are bold. Some are Yahoozy epics. But this ain’t none of these. Darn tootin’

What looks like a linear map... actually is a linear map! But don’t be fooled by that word. Although the path moves in a perfectly straight line (and so do your enemies) the map remains varied with every playthrough.

When that laser catches you out, you’ll need to think of a new solution fast. This kind of inventive, cerebral gameplay, lengthened this experience to me to the heights of Brohm Bramin, or at least enticed me for around the same time. — Guitar_Hero_Matt

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awesome map.

Demo Data

mine do

just sayin.

this is a pretty awsome map. nice job. my maps don't really compare


I liked flag's review more.

a bit? It takes about 150 frames to get past the first drone. I don't like the map because of that, but once the action starts and you get the right jumps, it isn't too bad.
highlights exactly why the map is good. It irritates me slightly that you always have to wait a bit at the start
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rest was cool though
It's just an inelegant mauling of the English language. No need for it at all! :p

Darn tootin'

Dart nootin'

In retrospect it seems kind of stupid. But you know what I'm saying, right?

Could be faster.
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Is it just me

or does this quote not make grammatical sense: "lengthened this experience to me to the heights of Brohm Bramin."

Now THATS a review

Cool map too, genuinely puzzling

simply cool. 4.

Tis iz Sik

Kool Simple

That is cool.

But I just don't like it.


very nice review, and a good linear map too.
though I don't think that was prper usae of "Darn Tootin'". anyway I'll play this map soon I need FOOOOOD!!


this is probably my favorite map ever. :)


normal N.
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1st try

yeah. its cool.
i play it another time, to see if i get it again
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Demo Data

neat concept


faster all gold a la NReality
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I semi-sorta

playtested this!

Nice demos.

I love seeing all the different paths. Thanks for the size, too.
now I will, see how I compare.
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Awesome Map

Short, but hugely addictively and very fun. Episodic. 5avedsized
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faster agd


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Demo Data


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dedecation please