Mini-challenge arena

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Author toshosoft
Tags action author:toshosoft bitesized playable rated
Created 2005-08-08
by 34 people.
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Description Welcome to the Mini-challenge arena. Here you can find all sorts of fun challenges. Mines, all gold, keep-the-rocket-alive, and whatnot.
You can play only one challenge or as much as you want. If someone beats em all I might even make him a dedication.
Have fun.

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this one

was pretty easy. fun map tho. I liked the diversity throughout the map. 4
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only demo

all of them are damn hard except for this one.
Demo Data

Apology accepted.

Of course, I don't mind you using my idea, as long as you say it's mine... :)


I didn't mean to take this map idea format. I forgot that this map is like the one I made, or the otherway around. My apologies I deleted the map, it just makes me look worse when it looks like I took someone elses map.

what happend?

Why is it now 4/5 ninjas?
Whoever did this should've commented.


great level 5/5



My only complaint.... some of the circles seem to be dead set easy. (aka the bottom 2, especially the bottom right.) Since there's no (or little) gold on offer, playing the other circles sorta loses their novelty value, and the bottom right was, for me, rediculously easy.

Nevertheless, a brilliant level. Good concept, and pulled off truly awesomely.


Challenges in circles? This map is great!!!


Who rated me down! FESS UP!


This level inspired me to finally beat N1.4!


I beat all the "challenges" =P! 6/5


I beat all the "challenges" =P! 6/5


I think anything I could say has been said.


Fun. Fav'd. 5/5.
Need I say more?

Thanks for the 5s

These maps are easy to think of... at least most of them. The ideas just hit me and don't want to leave. This tileset wasn't that hard to make. But the playtesting was hard :).
One interesting thing is how I made the all-gold challenge: I just made a demo through the room and layed on gold on my path and mines around the path. So when I play the demo, I take the gold and miss the mines.
The keep-the-missle-alive was a real pain to playtest, because you have to be very fast to get out of the room while keeping the missle close so it doesn't hit the walls.
Thanks go to BenMiff for the laser idea in Orbital: .
Of course, the thwump challenge was a pain to test and it took me a while to find a route to the corner with the terminal switch.
I made the room with the hard jump just because I like jumper puzzles, so I thought that a mini-jumper would be a good challenge :) . It took me some time to make the exit from the room hard to reach. In the end I really liked the difficulty level of the jump so I decided to leave it this way.
The mine challenge was really easy for me, and the second mine chamber was a bit easier than the first :) . The other too I made just to fill up the empty half-rooms and because I just HAD TO put gausses... although I hate em(you can blame 67-4 for that one). I think that's about it. Thanks again for the ratings, and I'll try to make maps like this more often :)

That was

An outstanding map. Kudos. 5/5


this maps amazing. how do you think of these things? each room is very impressive. some are easy some are hard. 5/5 and a new map for my favorites.


Like I said, you don't have to beat all of the challenges :) . Just Have fun with the ones you like :) .


this is really nice, original and different AND it doesn't take years to load.

Fun map

Kinda hard though.....