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Author da_guru
Tags action author:da_guru collab playable rated teamwork
Created 2008-02-27
Last Modified 2009-04-04
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description was created after intensive biology lessons while studying for a test...
qwert_zuiop also helped creating this level so also thank him for having fun (in which way you'll experience...)

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from tomorrow to the 13th so we'll have to do it then. If you want to make a start tonight we could and have the week to think about it I don't mind
and although the idea of having a central area with trapdoors like that is cool I didn't find it played that well. I don't really like z-snapped objects outside of n-art either code editing is much better and would make those bounceblock wall all nice and smooth looking. If you ever want to try something like this I'd be happy to generate
Nice smooth curves and outlines for you []


4.5 up

i can

just thank you for creating such a well-shaped (i love the shape!), beautiful-looking plant cell with me.. 4