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Author epigone
Tags action author:epigone boe minimalism playable simple unrated
Created 2008-02-28
Last Modified 2008-05-26
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Description I love making maps like this. For me, simple shapes and tiles are better than intricate ones. It looks cleaner, plays smoother, and results in an overall better experience.

Try to agd without using the trap door to get to the top.

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faster agd.

lovely map. realy.
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i really like this.
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The comment below was supposed to be under my account (Nexx). Meowmeow is my girlfriend's account.

AGD (sans trapdoor)

Faster than ATOB's with the trapdoor.

Fun map. Maybe a little too simple in parts for my liking, but good overall. I like the simplicity of the tileset, and I like your use of the bounceblock. I also like the gold placement, both in terms of gameplay and aesthetics. And now I'm so used to doing it without the trapdoor that I kinda wish it wasn't there at all - that puzzley element should be necessary for completion, IMO. Anyway, nice job.
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And not that fun to replay, but I liked the ruggedness of the tiles.
I appreciate the constructive criticism from you atob. I was hesitant about that part, but I decided to leave it for a unusual challenge.
but the double door pit I found far too fiddly next to the open flow of the rest of the map.

The jump to the top is lots of fun.

sans trap door

but slower :(
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Odd map.

Fun too.
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i like it

this is very nice and clean.


fourth or fifth try

fun map
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ignore the bit when my computer lagged.
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