Chomp Samba

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Author Sendy
Tags action author:sendy playable rated
Created 2005-08-09
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description HRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but original. !!!!!!!!!.... !

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Beat it.

yes, hard, but not that hard. you guys are making it bigger than it is.


PS: hard would be an AGD.
Demo Data

I meant to :)

It's a rnuning jkoe. Embrace the dumbness!

I meant to :)

It's a rnuning jkoe. Embrace the dumbness!


u've spelt hard wrong lol
unless u mean its rad as in radical.



Too hard for me too, but I do love the originality. Great Look too.

It's very hard

There's a certain knack to it, I'll post a demo later after I get some saleep.

Looks good

just to hard for me. so i won't rate you down.