Pillars of Heaven

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Author epigone
Tags action agd author:epigone boe playable unrated
Created 2008-03-01
Last Modified 2008-05-26
Map Data

Description It's a wide open action map, a few tricky jumps that should pose a decent challenge but not be too hard for anyone.
I like the tiles and mines in this one a lot.

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See is so great; I was going to feature this next ;_;
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i've had this faved for ages, one of your best

I never told you.

This is FAB!


did it on speedrun not highscores on Nreality :(

Awesome map, faved.
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that will do

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this route

is really fun, but i can't get a clean run.
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pretty fast for me.

This map is sweet.
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You get some really cool jumps out of those tiles. I really like the minefield on the left side, too. Great object placement overall, actually.

thanks ska

I appreciate it



Heh, I didn't see "no ratings". It'll go into my favorites instead.


I love this map. I wish more maps on NUMA were like this. 5/5
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as far as I got

4.5. awesome. completion demo please?
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Some jumps are quite difficult. But i suck at playing so yeah..
cool stuff.