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Author lord_day
Tags action author:lord_day dedication fingersonthefrets n-art playable rated
Created 2008-03-04
by 7 people.
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Description An arty/simple map that is a dedication for fingersonthefrets for his all gold on Exit Race.

All gold here is fun, so enjoy!

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for some reason, still very cool. I reckon the start's a bit jarring or something with no nice way to get over the 2nd pole from the right. but other than that, awesome.
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another low agd

man, this is really cool. i really do like how the one ways open up different path opportunities, nice. faved (i dunno why it wasn't already)
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Demo Data
i like path opportunities that one ways provide a lot :) and thanks for the ded
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very cool.. =)

Still improvable.

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all gold..

I think there are some flow elements that could be improved but a sold map nontheless 4.0
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