Amoebas And The City

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Author mistaken72
Tags author:mistaken72 bitesized hard playable puzzle rated survival test
Created 2008-03-05
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description How long can you survive and how much gold can you get?

My highest: 38 gold.
Awesomest demo gets a ded!

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i suck

an interesting chalenge. a breath of fresh air from most survivals.

but one thing i really hate is inaccesible gold. lol.

Demo Data
I believe that I got all the possible gold except for that piece I died right under. If the gold on the bottom right is possible I'll post another demo with all of it.
Demo Data

86 I believe

Gonna try for more later
Demo Data


i jump 3 times actually
i found a part that i cant seem to get to
its in the lower right corner
watch my demo, and where i jump twice, above that is where i have trouble getting to
good map though
Demo Data


Thanks Be_Happy:)


oh btw

I still hold the record for most gold :P

Ded :)
Make it with a door though lol


Top Rated!

ooh nice

top rated..

and I got first post :P


ya put an exit in the middle


i love how the thumb-nail looks
Demo Data


nice placement here.. put an exit in and you have an interesting level for highscoring..


Demo Data


dinners ready :P
Demo Data

51 gold

im going to try again
Demo Data