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and you did it. i didnt think of swapping over which rokcet was in the lead. Just amazing, pity the tiles werent a bit nicer. gratz 5/5



The ninja goes through the rockets on multiple occasions...


You big fanny.


Now let's all eat some cheese.


That was... the most creative best thing I've ever seen in a DDA. And there are some creative best ones out there, so that's saying a lot.


and hippie, due to his EXTREME kindness and the way he makes everybody laugh.

Sorry, I had to include myself

Holy crap...this thing might have been sniped two or three times now.


Great concept, great close calls, and the only thing I don't like is the tileset - I don't like the circles everywhere, but it doesn't matter too much due to the actual dda.
Scumbags in my opinion

Sniped, and antisniped.

Good Lord!
32 votes?! IN ONE DAY?!


That was awesome.


My fave DDA ever.

Fantastic work incluye. So many close calls........*drool*


agree about the tileset.

cheated demo.
Demo Data




nice no matter how hard i try i can never do chase kradda's =p


though the a rocket dies about 5 frames before it finished so it cant be a KRADDA but its too good 4 ppl to care XD

Sorry, mammaletto.

Wait, wait, blackson, you've seen more fluid CTRDDAs? As in, The Chaser's War series? I realize those are more fluid, but this is an entirely new concept. That's probly why it's top rated.

miyoser, no, I planned that.


the chasing was pretty choppy. I've seen many ones that are much more fluid but none the's top rated.



1234 frames


0/5 HATE IT!!

*bit sizzen*

turned out great!

Sorry about the ugliness. I thought it was kind of cool, but I couldn't wait till tonight for anyone's opinion on IRC because I couldn't wait to submit it.
Should I: keep it the way it is, or resub one with fixed tiles?

Thats brilliant

I waited so long to see this finish.

You dumb noob, how do you fake a DDA you nub. It goes ahead because its a CTRDDA (Chase the Rocket Dont do Anything).

Anyway, brilliant DDA. 5aved and would size if I could

Listen to this...

the intro to "God Gave Rock and Roll To You" by Kiss goes perfect with this DDA.

Thanks for the dedication. It is much appreciated. The rocket thing you told me about was crazy too! Great job.

No way

That one ain't real because at a moment one of the rockets goes ahead of N!!!!

That ain't right but still it's a cool looking map



I think I'll call it a Kradda+Ctrdda = KRACTRDDA


I could never do anything like this. 5
but i love the dda

i wont size it but someone else proboly will