Ever And Always

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Author _destiny^-
Tags action author:_destiny^- destiny medium playable rated sexy
Created 2008-03-05
by 7 people.
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Description And after all i've seen.

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I liked it alot.
That right hand corner bit is really annoying though...


was not in the mood for an AGD
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you have to do your speed runs

i have finished this level in 1323 frames - i was very happy :D

Love it.

Would be a 5, if not for that repugnant piece of gold in the wall. 4.5


nice map.
I liked everything apart from the lower right hand side and middle-right bottom.
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thanks for the comments guys ^^

@ daggafork i wouldnt consider this a very hard level, you know. try my last one, thats a bit trickier

Woah, I just noticed but me and Cossack have a very similar play style

OMFG! This level is hell on wheels. It took me soo long to complete. Anyways:
Speed Agd
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oh what a poor demo

could be a lot smoother and faster, but this is the first time playing in aaaaaages and its my 1st try. i like it. a little generic but good. 4/5 ill give this :D
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