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Author incluye
Tags action author:incluye featured rated tileset
Created 2008-03-06
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description Listening to TTFAF while making this.

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This map was featured on 2008-06-02

The thumbnail for Crackled [] looks much better than the fullscreen version, but this map is inventive and fun nonetheless. The tiles aren't the best, but thankfully they're easy to move around on and there's plenty of space. Gold aplenty assures you won't die from time loss, and appearing trapdoors help you navigate this otherwise unforgiving map. Without practice, you don't know what'll happen when you hit that switch. And the drones offer a steady pressure that is hard to attain in a free-moving action map. incluye [] crafted an amazing level here, worthy of your userlevels file. — kisler

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very good
Way too hard, and not in a fun, challenging way.

Don't really like it way too hard. 3/5

great map

good to see a difficult map get featured for once.

Me too.

Looks and plays well.


for later play.