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Wow skyline

Nice subtle stab at clifty there. ;P
Overrated maps are cool.

6 feet under

I like that. XD

Go for 6 feet under

It sounds cool, and it fits the map.
What does everyone else think?


Great, immense, outstanding, amazing. 5

A fancy name...

"Cruise missile at 6:00"

a 4.5 or 5. I thought the last one was amazing. This one was still really good, but not really that exciting.

Curses! I wanted to be the first commenter..but no, my internet connection shut down. >:(

Well, 5, I mean, obviously. I wonder how long this thing will stay 5?


6 Feet Under
This is a piece of art. I was disappointed every time the rockets merged, but you stunned and amazed me by getting them to separate again every time. 5/5

I couldn't decide a title for my comment on such an amazing DDA. You know, I was /going/ to snipe it out of pure jealousy, but rated it 5 instead. o__O



Here's a name: On Route 6tuplet (or Sextuplet)

Not really...

It's up to you to decide.
Does using a normal door twice for propelling count as gold delay?

God damnit

This is awesome! Better than route 666? I don't know... maybe... but still an obvious 5/5

@ Clifty -
FBF'd, NOT stopped before end
Demo Data
mostly because the rockets merged too much. for a 6 way kradda, i would have thought the rockets would have gone through the tiles a lot more (despite how hard that may be).

Without you mentioning it, I wouldn't have thought it was a kradda because of the lack of tiles. I know you put a lot of effort into this, but its not your best, I do think that the prequel was still better.



;_; ;_; ;_;


Keep an eye out for my new one, I think next weekend.
I'd tell you privately, but I can't get on the forums for some reason(?).

And don't you ;_; at me.

me=shown up


FBF'd demo

I think this is the fastest possible. :P
Demo Data


1. get rid of empty tiles, like in the lower left corner
2. make it 2000 frames exactly
3. maybe name it "Off Route 666"
4. I actually liked the conjoining/separating of the rockets.

4 for the map by itself, but +0.5 just because it's you. :)

cheated demo.
Demo Data


The best dda I have seen that is not so fast you can't see what is going on. And the rockets look really cool. The rockets never went through any walls =( but that's fine.


You should just do a really long one with one rocket and one path, just to make things equal.


Nice sequel man. Not as good as On Route 666, but still good. I would really like to see one with six paths and six rockets, if thats even remotely possible.


At first I thought

that someone stole your previous map, but then I looked at the author name.


i dont know how you sit there and work on somethin like this for so long, i get tired if my map takes a few days.

The rockets were like a swarm of bees, nice job.


*Gazes in Wonder*


*Gazes in Wonder*

Oh, not your best.

I feel there aren't enough close calls for 6 rockets, and besides, there isn't enough movement to separate the 6 rockets.




Not possible, I think. With six rockets, and thwumps that have to hit certain tiles to get the right timing, it was hard enough to keep them alive, let alone give them crazy close calls. Near the end I had to sacrifice a few cool close calls because I worked myself into corners. D:

Don't get me wrong

The first was epic. It's just while the totally level was awesome, each path was average by itself.