Tower Death

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Author mario4
Tags author:mario4 bunce-blocks cool dda fun hldda hrdda mario4 rated short walk-through-walls
Created 2008-03-09
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description You: The ninja are walking through walls!
Me: Yes, of curse.
You: but how
Me: The ninja have a VERY HIGH SPEED!
You: How can he get so "high" speed
Me: The bunce-block in the begining give the ninja extra speed
You: COOL! and the ninja walking through trapdoors too!

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the description is a fail
hrdda, hldda and dda

How is that

an hrdda?
watch demo of me not holding right
Demo Data

It´s good



try a new concept. nr.

cheated demo.
Demo Data

It's an OK tower loop, but pretty much average. But you only need 5 or 10 bounce blocks, for future reference.


Everyone knows how to make the ninja go through walls