The Ravine

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Author _destiny^-
Tags action author:_destiny^- destiny playable rated ravine the
Created 2008-03-09
by 8 people.
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Description Quick action map

have fun!

oh and for any of those who were wondering about my severe lack of races - it's because they're all going somewhere special for later ^^

Trust me you'll be glad afterwards :P

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Fastest AGD

Dead_N ownzzz

Nice map
Demo Data


not to fast though... anyway 4/5
Demo Data


We should collaborate for a map.


very fun, despite its easiness.
Though I do prefer your races...
Demo Data


awesome map
Demo Data
yet fun to play even if your not a pro

slow agd

first try, not too difficult, but it was good
Demo Data

Go for speed AGD's

they're great fun on this level