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Author da_man894
Tags action author:da_man894 chainsaw flowy playable race rated
Created 2008-03-10
by 13 people.
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Description I personally think this is the best one that ive made, but not everyone will think that...

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love it



easily your best
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if i comnpare this to the rest of your races, this is awesome.

I can see you becoming very popular with races one day. And also it IS a lot like my old stuff. check em out, see how my syle evolved. Yours will too.

also, you see how many more rates you get when you give the level an interesting tileset?
I don't mean that his older maps were better - I mean that it looks like it could have been one of his earlier maps, especially the gold placement.

Great flow, and I agree with n0valyfe that this is 4.5-worthy.

I liked the gold

It was unique, and it was cool that you got every single piece even at full speed. The rest of the level wasn't very exciting, though. I mean, good flow, but it needs more going on. 3.5.
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Your best so far

Easily. The length was just perfect. But here are a few tips to improve this map.

1. The floor guard in mid-air should be placed on the ground up the very end.
2. A but too much gold. If you make the gold curve with the tiles instead fo being filled up like a bowl, it would improve the look and the feel of the race.
3. The enemies were great, but maybe next time just choose some slightly better positioning, as they didn't threaten me a lot. The laser drone especially.

Fix that and I would give it a 5/5.

The flow was brilliant btw. Here is a completion demo.

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