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Author Myrrhman
Tags action adventure author:myrrhman bitesized cec playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-03-10
by 13 people.
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Description Inspired by Ponytail's "Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From an Angel)". I may post a link in the comments.

This map can be hard, and will take some practice I imagine.


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Really, quite bizarre.
I have to agree with the quote on their website: "The same could not be said of Baltimore’s Ponytail, who began their set as annoying noise brats, with vocalist Molly Siegel impersonating a constipated toddler."

The song is here



were the germans tested out thier new planes by bombing the sh*t out of it then mowing down all the pedestrians with machine guns.
Sorry...I can't help it
Really love it. 5 and fav'd.

Someone sniped you.

:( That sux.
That was cool... very unpredictable. 4.5

I gave a key

So you know where they are.


is the only way to describe it. pretty good w/o the hidden guys. make em visible!