Rocket Rooms

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Author Sweep
Tags action author:sweep playable rated
Created 2005-08-11
Last Modified 2005-08-11
by 12 people.
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Description Pretty simple, fun, and generally perpendicular.

Several exits, going for exits that take longer to get to bring the reward of gold.

Fastest all-gold gets a cookie.

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Improved by 21 frames
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708 Frames

Simple, fun, 4/5
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Very nice.

It's a bit annoying how that drone jumps on you as soon as you start, but I suppose it's necessary to make the map work. Moderate challenge and a nice layout with a good bit of fluidity. 4/5

All gold

That was very fun. Not too challenging, but that's okay! I liked it very much. 4/5! Good job!
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It took me only like 20 tries to complete it. :p I actually didn't do too bad I think.

Great map. It's very well laid out.
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Another challenge:

Getting one of the drones to touch the top left exit switch. It aint easy.


Faster all-gold
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Fastest all-gold gets a cookie


I hate you. :)


I beat it
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Pretty good sweep, but mines 12 frames faster >:)
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But I know it can be done quicker
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