Euler Paths

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Author thebrain
Tags author:thebrain euler path playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-03-11
by 5 people.
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Description This is my first puzzle map. The aim is to get all gold. You can only go down each path once.
This was inspired by Graph Theory by Nexx. It is less difficult than that was, especially if you know the rule for which graphs have an Euler path. There are multiple solutions. Who can find the quickest way?

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Took me a while to discover this map, as you can tell. Anyway, it's neat. It actually tripped me up for a minute or two because I wasn't thinking straight.

But while the concept is good, the map needs work. One of the biggest flaws is that it's not a complete map - there's no exit! Two more huge flaws are a lack of cohesion in the route setup and a rather bland and messy setup, resulting in bland and messy visuals.

Also, your glitch setup could be better. I put the trapdoor switches in the center so that once the player hits the center of the corridor, they're stuck, and the only way out is through. Though it's against the rules, it's much easier on this map for a player to run through one door, grab the gold, and run back the way they came. It's always best to prevent the action from happening in the first place (as much as possible) than allowing it but stating that such demos won't be accepted.

Sorry for chucking all this criticism at you, especially since this map was inspired by one of mine, but those are my honest thoughts. Keep mapping!
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faster. WAY faster
Though FBF'd and cheated - (got goldpiece without closing door and got back out)
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No prob

im sure, but i cant do it, and sorry for triple post

A little faster

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I got it

took me a couple of tries to figure it out, but i got it. Good idea, and i really like how you used the door glitchs.
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