8 Balls Never Speak the Truth

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Author T3chno
Tags action author:t3chno collab losttortuga playable rated
Created 2008-03-14
by 7 people.
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Description They never do....

A collab between Losttortuga and I. This is a fun map. You should play it. Or else.

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*High-fives T3chno*

We must do more.


i love the fact that its not generic in the slightest, yet you used typically generic enemy compinations and so on.

i also love the fact that my frirst go swawnewd such an awesome run of luck VV
Demo Data

i gave it a

4 btw.

i enjoyed it.

except the cluster of one ways on the right side is annoying me. only one or two maximum are needed.

um,... magnets and ....... more magnets!