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fun fun fun

i love races and this is one of the best by far. Redefines the race. 5/5 cause thats the highest it goes


This map is the best map on NUMA. I feel that that wouldn't be for long though XD

A bit slower

It's not my favorite, but still a really cool map. 4.5/5
And favorited.
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excellente! 5/5!

Very nice!

I'm sure a lot of work goes in the creation of a DDA, but I'm glad a non-DDA map, THIS ONE, is now the top rated map on NUMA.

Brilliant Map

5/5 from me as well. It's challenging but never frustrating and lots of fun. It's in my favourites list as well.
Making it so jumping through small gaps is a walk in the park. Make no mistake, it's not easy, but it is a brilliant map.

5/5 and it's going to into my favourites. Viva la Sonic!
ok.. sonic=fast, me=not fast, so i didn't do it in the "sonic-way" but it was very cool, though. 5/5

Love this!

5/5, not much to say.


I love this map!
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