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Author remote
Tags action adventure author:remote bitch mnnml playable rated
Created 2008-03-17
Last Modified 2008-03-17
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description MNNM week 2

see how many Ms you can find

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There are 18 total.


I found i think 13


there are 15. The gold M under the tile'd M probably counts.


I found 14. I wasn't counting two of them. I keep looking. there's only 14.

i see 14

or maybe 15 if you concider the gold under the left middle M a separate M. i died while going for all gold, but it was too long anyway. ah well. nice level dude.

Finished it

Without all gold.
Demo Data


I finnally got the door button but I died.

I found 12 M's too.