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Author Evil_Bob
Tags action author:evil_bob bitesized featured image-map nreality playable rated
Created 2008-03-19
Last Modified 2009-12-28
by 53 people.
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Description For proper enjoyment, please use NReality []

This I am really proud of. Take a look. =)

NOTE!!! If the Background doesn't load go to the end of the data and replace the first address with this:


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This map was featured on 2008-06-21

What looks from the thumbnail like a simple map turns into an intense action map enhanced by the sudden switch from the normal gray colors of N to a sidewalk setting. Plagued by a rocket, mines galore and a gauss turret, this is no 5-year-old drawing. Evil_Bob has played into our childhood and brought it out in the game that we all know and love. Why, one would wonder, is this map so fun? Here's an explanation:
It's like playing hopscotch with Death.

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still fun, always has always will be.
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Simply amazing! One of the best Nreality maps I've ever seen! 5/5 and faved!
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probably one of the best image maps I've ever played. nice job.

*adds to favourite authors on firefox*

Very, very cool image if I rated only because of it I'd give it a 5, but since the gameplay is for... 3, I'll give you a 4.


One of the coolest things I've seen used with Nreality. Can't get past that stupid rocket, though. Will rate when (or if) I complete it.

I agree

And I love this map. 5/5aved


And regardless, in many ways Nreality is a superior app. Try it for yourself, Fleshworm: Nreality Download []


If i may quote Atob "A perfect example of the power of atmosphere". The map would not have worked if I had made it have "flow" or whatever you want. It worked because the Image works with the level to make it more enjoyable. Why don't you try it and if you still don't like it that's fine. But not trying it and saying you don't like it's pretty silly.

Well I'm sorry...

But if a map is all about an image then it's N-art. I don't really see how seeing a background would've made me think any different of it.


Because then the image map doesn't work. That's the whole fucking point of this map. And if you play it in Ned you miss it.

I played it in Ned

I don't need a "N Reality" when I have Ned.


Try playing it in Nreality. >_>

It was ok

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thank you!
It'll turn golden indicating it's been added to your list.

I love this map!

5/5 5aved ect.

but one question, how do I favorite a map on NUMA now, I don't see the option (I feel so dumb about this, but please tell me)


looked good too!

nice run mammaletto


Not all maps are supposed to be flowy amlt. >=|


I didn't like it much. I couldn't find much flow, and the rocket was annoying.
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Feature. I already knew it was going to happen but whatever =p

slightly faster

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A perfect example

of the power of atmosphere. Glad to see this featured.


Playing with the white ninja is fun.


I can't Edit it either.


The foreground stopped working.

It was awesome when it worked 5/5

Ahh yeah.

Stock was from here: (love that place)
Chalk lines were hand drawn in photoshop with one of the stock brushes set with the opacity at about fifty percent. I was really surprised at how well it worked. Now that you know my secret don't go and steal my idea >_>


Sorry, that was me below (meowmeow). My girlfriend hadn't logged off, and I wasn't paying attention.
What I meant was how did you find such an awesome chalkboard picture and how did you make all the nice chalk lines?
Also on Nreality
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That might help =D
I'd really like to know how you did the imagework, though. It's superb, and its makings are nowhere near as obvious as pencil-and-paper maps.

This was very fun.

speedy demo.

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I beat it!

very well thought through, I liked it a lot!!
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also on Nreality 126.150, almost a second faster than the previous fastest, completely redone route!
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I could have done a circle. I might if i make another (with would be better in terms of game play =) )