Super Mario Bros. 0 - 0

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Author victimbf2
Tags action author:victimbf2 image-map nreality playable rated
Created 2008-03-19
Last Modified 2008-07-13
by 22 people.
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Mario Version of N

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THey mentioned it all below. Still, great image. 4/5

I had lots of fun had me squealing and jumping (mainly because I'm not good at playing and I get very panicky). I liked the question blocks =)

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Coolness =)
Given that the first level of Mario is the way it is, you can only do so much with it and still keep the feel of the first level (ex: you can't add walls!). Also, this level has a few clever things with the pipe, the bounceblocks, and the piranha plants. Also, while the gameplay is rather bland, it's still alright. Did you guys try for all gold? It's harder than it looks. 4.

Demo Data

love the image

5/5 for image
3/5 for map
but actual gameplay was just mediocre. And at the left edge, you can wall-jump on the "sky."
If this didn't have the image, I wouldn't give it more than a 3. So 3.5/5.

No doubt..

That was tight.


use the "nreality" tag, not "unreality".

I like the [?]s

Bounceblocks, clever.


I was making one, too. This is much better than mine, though.

=( i was making win though..
But you did a fantastic job with it. Very nice work.