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Author Sniperwhere
Tags action author:sniperwhere metanet-ish playable rhcp unrated
Created 2008-03-21
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Description Hey Oh!

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and im so confused, is it just things that ppl think about n and stuff?


on that website i can find out how to make different kinds of maps?


that really helped alot and that was a good website.
u said i had a lack of ways making my guy move, can u tell me other ways i can do it so i can make better ddas


Finally AGD :)
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Well, I must say, your latest maps are challenging, but really awesome :)
I like the style very, very much!

Here is an ADG - 1, maybe an AGD will come soon :)
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Rockets, Drones...

You ought to try mixing it up a bit. All golding your maps has become way too difficult.


yet fun :D 4
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