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Author SkyPanda
Tags action author:skypanda playable rocket unrated
Created 2008-03-22
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Description adventure in clouds!

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so close

love it, 4
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well, basically, you should make to versions of these kind of maps, so both level of skill can enjoy it? i think, god the computers going laggy -_- -_-_-__-_-- _-__---_--_-____--


maybe its because your used to maps that play flower and faster and harder difficulty? This map is slightly designed for less talented players, as was the other one you said played awkwardly.

no no no

i enjoyed the roughness with the door key not really doing too much and all that but it still hadn't been done well, like another of yours, it played kinda awkwardly, but i can't explain it :P
I wish it could have been polished better.
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but not quite polished enough 3/5
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