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Author Lucidium
Tags author:lucidium bitesized featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-08-13
by 219 people.
Map Data

Description This started out as a test, but I ended up finishing it off as a full level. It's a fairly easy map, and not too much of a puzzle as long as you think ahead, but it's fun to play.
I may extend the idea into a harder puzzle.

This map was featured on 2008-09-08

In this fantastic map, renowned author Lucidium takes what is essentially a simple concept, and turns it into what is arguably one of the most renowned puzzles of all time. He has transformed the floorguards into an ingenious left/right valve system, which forces you to think ahead when attempting to solve it, or you will find yourself with nowhere to go...

And while it may be relatively easy to complete, the additiveness and enjoyability of this classic will undoubtably bring you back for more. — condog_111

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is inspiring
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Demo Data


That there was more than one way to do this map until just now. And it wasn't my realization either, sadly. So yeah, I'm stunned.

Also, while I wouldn't say this is one of the best puzzle maps of all time, I would say it is one of the best concept maps of all time.

Anyway, 5aved. And thank you, Lucidium, for this inspiring map.

cool puzzle map

fav of mine 5aved

200th rater

yippee! 5/5
saw this in oldma before i got an account. been on userlevels for a year
(mine at least)
and decided to do it the way they did.. :P
(BTW, I forgot before, but 5faved :D)
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I remember seeing this on the old NUMA, far before I got an account.. Nice job, Lucid. I'm going to play the sequel now, I remember seeing that too..

Slightly fast AGD. Didn't take long to figure out the path.
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I saw this map a year ago, and it was made 3 years ago. I Really dont think its all that special. I'd say that if you are going to feature a Lucidium map you should do a better one like Torrent. Anyways, 5 for innovation, 2 for difficulty. 4 rounded up.
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thank you so much Erik_Player i finally got it to work. If you ever wanna check it out its kind of an action level but its McPimpawesome.


could be improved by a few frames but..
this is a pretty quick fbf demo:
Demo Data

Well samfish

I tried having the name in the level data and it did what's troubling you, But I took out Everything except the level data and it worked fine. Another problem, You have to fill in Everything like make a name, Put a description, Put tags (Action,playable...), And level data. That should do it.
i still cant get it to work it just says must fill in required things if i dont fill every box and then the | thing and its not a tile-set


thanks for the help


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wow its probably the slowest demo ever but i finally beat it without looking at a demo...
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5 / 5

(already rated previously, not faved because i already faved the sequel :P )
great puzzle, great puzzler: this is only one of the nice maps he made, look at them if you didn't already do.


your skills amaze me.

Woop. I got a *!
When you submit a map ONLY have the level data in it. If that's not the case if your trying to submit a tileset you have to have an object in it.


xaelar, you champ.. when you watch our runs comparatively, yours doesn't seem 0.825 quicker.. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, my chimneying skills have suffered recently, not peaking where I use to and I can't get the twitching tfk gets.. Oh well. Great run anyway.


its not letting me submit maps i just started and it keeps saying it needs to include an "|" in Map Data and i dont know what to do will somebody help please? my levels are insanely cool i just cant get them on NUMA

Mine is

136.925 :D
Great puzzle map 4/5
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I don't think I have anything left in me. That was intense.

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I don't think you might have forgotten to rate it, it's just that since NEWMA came one could rate all the previous maps submitted on NUMA once again.

Great puzzle though... 5/5

idk what to do

when i try to submit my first level it keeps saying "Map Data must include |" why does it say that? i need help

Not very fast...

but I'm not very good, so it's a trade-off. Wonderful puzzle though!
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and my 5 just brought this up to an average from 4 to 5 ^^
great review too
.3 ahead of amlt
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Demo Data

It's just you.

He's demo looks fine to me..

Nice demo Riobe.

Is it just me though, or does that ELEPHANT_SHIT guy's demo look totally hacked?

Finally took 0th

Although I don't know how long it'll last, nor if it is the fastest on the page.
Demo Data

A new demo from me.
Demo Data


Like this needs more attention.
Don't forget to play the sequel [] as well.


One of the best puzzles ever.
I cant believe I forgot to rate this... 5/5

an elegant puzzle

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