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Author stev0
Tags action author:stev0 playable rated
Created 2008-03-23
Last Modified 2008-03-23
by 10 people.
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Description rate, play, enjoy!

EDIT: gauses made it a little rushed (ty mustafa15)

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oh cool :) I made a map that's very similar (without seeing this I mean)


cool & hard.
Demo Data

Demo Data


I dont think gausses makes the map bad. Without the it's just too easy.. :/

Heres my run without them:
Demo Data

This is insane!

Drones are perfect for maximum speed run.

5/5, faved.

Heres my pretty fast run:
Demo Data

Pretty cool

The drone paths were nice, and I liked the tileset. The laser worked fine, but I think that the gausses made it look too crowded, and made me feel rushed. 3/5