Only an Earthquake

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Author pepi321
Tags author:pepi321 gold jumper mines playable rated
Created 2008-03-23
Last Modified 2008-03-23
by 15 people.
Map Data

Description Will bring this mountain down. A fun jumper made off my tileset.

Heavy playtesting went into this, enjoy!

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whole almost golden
Demo Data

i love it

even though it is too hard


4/5 neat tiles, too


that was AmAzInG!!!

nice job 5ed
Too much gold and mines slow things down, but otherwise a cool map. 3.5.

First try all gold.

Demo Data
Demo Data


Things I liked: the tileset; the overall atmosphere; the overall look

Things I didn't like: the lenght (over 5k frames...); the feeling, that everything was a bit crowded (from the gold)

all in all i give you a 4 because i simply liked this map.
the agd took me about 4 tries, so the difficulty is also well-balanced.
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You can do better. 3.5
but pretty good otherwise. 4/5.


oops :p
watch demo (not a completion)
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