Wet Sand

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Author Sniperwhere
Tags action author:sniperwhere playable rhcp unrated
Created 2008-03-25
Last Modified 2008-03-25
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Map Data

Description You don't form in the wet sand. I do.

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I'm currently working on a Keep Rocket Alive Two Path Race. AKA the KRATPR. So far, it's doing good.

You'll be seeing other maps for contests. I'm in about two.


I was wondering why you didn't made new ones :)

But it doesn't matter.

Keep it up!


if you're wondering why I haven't made maps recently, I'm looking for inspiration.


Here mate

An AGD :)
Demo Data

o ok

it says im logged it but i havent gotten an email yet

on that website

it seems like i cant do anything

im using

the same one as on numa Holy_zebra
and i found you but i tried to add you to my contact list and it said i couldnt do it

so if i join is ur name still sniperwhere on there too?

I like it


Thank you.

I sometimes hear form and I sometimes hear fall. It bugs the hell out of me trying to figure it out.
im pretty sue its you dont form in the wet sand