#2 - Drone Timer

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Author bhz
Tags author:bhz hard playable rated simple-challenge timing
Created 2008-03-25
Last Modified 2008-06-11
by 10 people.
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Description Yes. It's possible. You just need to-the-frame timing :p
#2 in my simple challenge series []

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FUn map :D
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1st Try

Teraza thats clearly a death demo you liar.
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nice try izzy

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Fastest demo, again. It's on Nreality... again
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first try.

hopefully I made
Demo Data

First try.

And not a frame too soon. :)
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or not...
Demo Data

First try.

Demo Data

58 frames~

Fastest and Fastest possible :D!
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Just wait 21 frames and then run!

Complete ;)

Fun! I have to FBF it though... :\

4/5 + 1/5 since some douche rated .5 (I got hit with a .5 too)
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why .5?

I know it's been done before. many times also. I know that :p


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